Grand Jail Prison Break Escape 2.8

Prison Escape Game – A Thrilling Odyssey to Freedom

Do you like solving puzzles? Want to experience the thrill of escaping a prison by following a perfect escape plan? If yes, then this prison escape game has everything you need. Grand Jail Prison Break Escape is a fun game in which you have to plot your escape from prison by working together with the other inmates. It delivers a riveting experience by combining elements of strategy, suspense, and immersive gameplay. You will find yourself behind bars in this game after being betrayed by a neighbor. Your goal is to achieve your freedom by escaping the jail cell you are being kept in. It will take elaborate planning and quick thinking to outsmart the guards and make your escape. You might have to shoot your way out of trouble too.
Grand Jail Prison Break Escape
Grand Jail Prison Break Escape has immersive gameplay that is accentuated by its impressive graphics. The detailed prison environment, coupled with realistic character models, create an immersive atmosphere that set the stage for the high-stakes escape. Also, the attention to detail in the design of the prison cells, guard patrols, and various interactive elements contribute to the overall authenticity of the gaming experience. The audio elements of this prison escape game contribute significantly to its overall ambiance while its intuitive controls make it easy for you to play the game. Moreover, the responsiveness of the on-screen controls ensure that every move and action feels seamless. The use of dynamic camera angles adds a cinematic touch to the game that enhances its overall visual appeal.
Grand Jail Prison Break Escape
This prison escape game truly shines in its gameplay mechanics. It manages to strike a perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment. The game unfolds in multiple levels, each presenting unique obstacles and puzzles that must be navigated to progress. There are a variety of challenges that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, preventing monotony from setting in. From shooting challenges to stealing missions, there is something new for you to do in each level. The game's difficulty curve is well-paced, ensuring that players of varying skill levels can enjoy the experience. While some levels may prove challenging, they are not insurmountable, encouraging you to persevere and strategize to overcome each obstacle. You will get to drive a wide range of cars in this game and play with a diverse cast of characters.
Grand Jail Prison Break Escape
Grand Jail Prison Break Escape offers multiple game modes to you. There is the story mode in which you get to follow the main character who is a gangster by profession. This mode comprises of many levels, each having a specific objective. In some levels, you will be robbing a bank while in others, you are fighting the police. As you progress in the story mode, you will find yourself in prison and will have to escape it. Escaping the prison will conclude the story mode and unlock the Mafia Rampage mode. This mode too is divided into various levels in which you have to take on and defeat mafia thugs. The other game modes available in this prison escape game are shooting mode and Sniping mode.


  • Multiple game modes
  • Story mode comprising of various levels
  • Fight mafia thugs in the Mafia Rampage mode
  • Shooting mode for shooting down enemies
  • Execute Sniper kills in the Sniping mode
  • A wide range of cars available to drive
  • A diverse cast of characters to play with


Grand Jail Prison Break Escape is a game for people who love shooting guns and figuring out puzzles. It challenges you to execute a perfect escape plan to break out of prison and get back safely to your home. You will enjoy performing the various missions assigned to you in this prison escape game.

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